BJP v Congress | Is Bollywood the target?!

BJP’s NGS, Kailash Vijayvargiya’s tweet has become the hot topic for debate in the National media.

Link for the Tweet

Link for the tweet

Having tweeted and commented by using wordplay with two upcoming Bollywood movies played by two of the most famous Bollywood stars SRK and Hrithik Roshan, he has certainly touched a sensitive spot. An image with a red cross for SRK and a green tick for Hrithik, he has given his views and sparked troubles both in religious and political level.

The Dawood character portrayed by SRK in his soon to be released Raees has been compared to Congress owing to its foreign roots and a green tick to a Hrithik who happens to be a Hindu. Further more, he has tweeted by comparison honourable PM NaMo with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by using #kaabil with NaMo stating that a “Chaivaala” can become a Prime Minister and #raees with Rahul Gandhi commenting about his torn kurta. Why has he made this political and religious statement? Being a head of the ruling party of India, his comments has definitely been controversial. 

Why has he done it?

To catch media’s attention and become famous?

To create a religious statement against MUSLIMS?

Did he eye a perfect a perfect situation involving two of the most famous stars in India to create havoc?

How will BJP defend him when they know that they are certainly in the losing side?

Did he intentionally try to create a mess or it just happened?  If so, what is the motive to involve the cinema stars into his political views?

These are the questions that immediately strikes a person’s mind on hearing this issue.

In a debate on Times Now, a BJP representative tried her best by answering that he had just given his views and there is nothing controversial. To which, my answer is “He is known as a BJP leader. So, his views or comments will definitely be seen as comment from BJP and not his personal views. I feel that, he has used this as an advantage to catch media’s attention amidst many other headlines like issues with Jallikattu and promos of the films”.

With the media already putting effort overtime for the TRP,  this situation has definitely reached the ears at every corner of the country. Or, has the media aggrevated this issue for TRP?


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